About Me

About me… Well, my name is Michelle. It’s a name common enough that I’ve had to put up with others of the same name in my same class at school. Since that was about a decade ago, I totally over it. It’s also uncommon enough that there wasn’t really any way to tease me. MicHell… really? That was the best that could be done. And sadly, uncommon enough to not really have a nickname.

But, enough about that as I’m really getting off topic. My name is Michelle and I live somewhere here:


I do a bunch of things in my very busy life. Assuming that I can’t count getting offended on twitter, facebooking with my parents, obsessing over the cutest dog photo, watching Once Upon a Time the majority of the things in my life revolves around… music.

Surprise, surprise.

I teach music at a very, very small private school. There is only one class per grade, so the classes are rather large but it’s a wonderful environment. I enjoy working with children immensely. And I have a lot freedom in what students learn and explore.



I also maintain a small studio where I teach mostly piano students. Sometimes I get requests for guitar lessons which is a nice change but is pretty much just lots of piano and lots of Piano Adventures! I grew up on the Alfred method myself and although I think it’s great, I do not ever want to hear those pieces again!


In my spare time I like to accompany. Mostly it’s just students participating in festivals. I especially love playing concertos and concertinos with young pianists. It’s really quite fun.


I also absolutely have to spoil my dogs. I mean, why wouldn’t you spoil your dogs? I figure I will have gotten the spoiling thing out of my system by the time the kiddies come along. Then I will most definitely behave like the mature, rational, logical adult I am.


And, when I finally have a chance to rest, I like sit back and relax. Not with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, but with my guitar. It’s like a mini-vacation.