Best Selling Piano Books

Are you in a piano rut? Is your student not practicing? Need something new and exciting?


Let me help you (or your student!) find a new piano song to tackle! If you’re stuck trying to find a new piece to play try something from this list. If you’re an advanced pianist, then these could be used as sight-reading or as something more fun than scales to warm-up your fingers.

These best selling books contain many beloved piano sheet music arrangements from film, broadway, radio, classics, and more. And as these pieces are requested often, it’s a great idea to have a few of them in your repertoire. Sure, that Rachmaninoff prelude sounds cool and difficult (and yes, it is) but it’s not as impressive as playing Over the Rainbow or something by Adele.

For students, these songs are also a great choice for piano recitals. I definitely went through a phase where I played only film songs at my teacher’s piano recitals. And for recitals for my own students I’ve had the Pink Panther, Everything is Awesome, and songs from Frozen. Others teachers have done themed recitals such as The Music of John Williams recital and a Broadway in the Park recital.

100 of the Most Beautiful Piano Solos Ever (Piano Solo Songbook)

Published in  April 2014. Intermediate to Advanced Level.

This four hundred page book is a huge compilation of beautiful and popular piano songs. It is published by Hal Leonard, one of the biggest names in the sheet music world. There are not a ton of classical pieces, so if that’s what you’re looking for you will be disappointed. It does have a lot of famous love ballads, songs from Broadway and movies. Also, since this work is focused on the piano, the lyrics are not included. This might bother some, but not me. I think piano-focused arrangements are so much better than those that try to include the lyrics when the piece is supposed to be a piano solo arrangement. And there are no chord charts either.

It’s just about the piano!

Oh, and no fingering is included. So if this is something you rely on then you will either need to pass on this book or get out your pencil and eraser.

I played through pretty much every song in this book and my favorite arrangements include La Vie En Rose, Over the Rainbow and Nadia’s Theme.

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